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The WMSA Monthly board meetings have a new venue, and a new time. We will be meeting at the Show Low Cafe, 480 W/ Deuce of Clubs (across from the GIANT station and the car wash). The meetings shall continue to be second Wednesday of each month, but will start at 6:30 PM, so we will have time to enjoy some of the great home style cooking they offer. Join us there!

The training and competition bays are available for rent for private events. Contact the club for details. Range hours are changing to WINTER Hours of 10AM to 4PM November 1st. Any ammunition, except tracer or incendiary, may be fired at the Second Knoll range. The White Mountain Shooters Association is pleased to be part of the Civilian Marksmanship Program.
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WMSA is a Civilian Marksmanship Program affiliated club, and members are eligible to buy rifles, ammo, and (when available) 1911's via the CMP.  Check the CMP web site for details. Check out CMP News on .45's!


Last year, WMSA offered a class on the care and maintenance of the AR15 that was very popular. The Instructor, Jeff Wall, has offered to repeat the class if 15 or more people sign up. You will learn a lot from a highly experienced rifle marksman and combat veteran. Call 928-205-3609 to sign up. A date will be selected after enough interest is shown. (100% of funds raised go toward the improvement of the Second Knoll Target Range.)

Welcome to the first full season of the Second Knoll Target Range! While it has been windy and cool, the weather is due to break soon. We did stay open all winter (minus a few bad weather days), with a surprisingly strong flow of shooters and new members. Things have been happening at the range!

The most visible is the improvement to the road. Game & Fish had their development crew in the area, and they re-graded and improved the road all the way from U.S. 60 to the bottom of the range. They expect to return twice a year to keep the road in good shape.

Even better, the signs for U.S. 60 are going up, making the range easier to find. This has been a constant complaint, but Game & Fish, the Forest Service, & ADOT have worked together to make it happen.

The board has decided to also open on Mondays, based on a survey of shooters. It has started out slow, but with radio advertising starting in June, we should pick up more shooters.

We had our first yearly ‘inspection’ by Game and Fish, who are happy with the range and the way we are operating it. Since we opened August 28th, we have had over 550 shooter days (one shooter = one shooter day). Plus range rental for training has picked up, as well as the number of competitions held on site. Our Junior program is moving along, and we have had a number of new Range Safety Officers sign up.

We also appealed to the Forest Service to allow the range to remain open if the Forest is closed due to fire danger. They have said that they will exempt the range from any closures - BUT we must remain vigilant during red flag days so no fire starts on our range.

We still have some items to raffle off, starting with a cannon! Well, it’s a blank cannon, perfect for starting your yacht race, or celebrating the 4th of July or New Years. We have some other interesting items to raffle off to raise money for the range.

We are also accepting donations for brass left on the range, most of which is once fired commercial brass. There have been all kinds of calibers, from .32 Match Wadcutter to 7mm Magnum. So stop by and see what we have in the calibers you reload.

Plans are in the works for an overhead cover for the 100 yard range - all it takes is money. Then the 300 yard range will be next on the list. If you can think of a company or foundation that might donate some funds, please let us know, so our Grants coordinator can add them to the list.

So come on out and enjoy the range - it’s been a long road, and we are not at the end. Let us know what you want to see at the Second Knoll Target Range!


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